Digital platform for development intelligent services for organizm critical conditions assessing risks


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Gribova V., Petryaeva M., Shafeeva E. Digital platform for development intelligent services for organizm critical conditions assessing risks // 2022 IEEE International Multi-Conference on Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences (SIBIRCON). IEEE, 2022. Pp. 800-805. DOI: 10.1109/SIBIRCON56155.2022.10017093.

Digital medical platforms and tools are created and used to form services for managing health, medical data collection, electronic document management, filling electronic medical records. There has been a trend of their use towards supporting doctors and specialists, conducting clinical, observational or retrospective studies. Various methods are used to support the solution of such tasks, and various approaches, tools and platforms are used for implementation. This makes it difficult to use them comprehensively and cover complex tasks close to professional activity. None of the medical digital platforms has yet provided the means to solve many different important intellectual tasks using data from electronic medical records, recognizing changes in the state of the body over time, and interpreting knowledge with argumentation in understandable terms. The paper describes a platform offered to the community for integrating methods for solving critical state forecasting problems based on a modern semantic structured information model. A feature of the model is its independence from a specific disease or group of diseases, which allows it to be used for both a specific disease and an arbitrary group of diseases. The chosen method allows solving problems by interpreting knowledge and using the meaning of electronic medical records data, providing users with an argument in understandable terms, indicating the source from which the applied knowledge was formed. A dictionary of all terms allowed in documents from real medical practice has been implemented. Combining many models of forecasting and risk assessment on a single semantic structured basis makes it possible to comprehensively solve important problems of practical medicine.