Software System for Interactive Simulation of Interregional Trade


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CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Vol. 1623


Velichko A.S., Gribova V.V., Fedorishchev L.A. Software System for Interactive Simulation of Interregional Trade // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. 2016. Vol. 1623. P. 383-393. ISSN 1613-0073.

The paper describes a mathematical model of trade ows in a trans-port network. Based on the model the software package is implemented as a cloud service on heterogeneous computing architectures: simulation module is realized on a high-performance server platform, control and visualization mod-ules are produced with the IACPaaS cloud platform. Communication between the platforms is established via asynchronous http-requests. For information exchange between the modules the declarative model with JSON format is developed and implemented for the objects considered in the mathematical model which are products, areas and communications. The visualization module allows us to present graphically the original and the resulting matrix data and to modify the input parameters of the model interactively. The paper demonstrates the use of software for the simulation of interregional freight trac of the Russian Far East region based on input data provided by open statistics sources.